Terminarchiv für 2016

01.09.16 "An excellent dumping ground for the Central European rejects" Refugee teachers at the Melbourne University Conservatorium in the 1930s. Lecture at the Melbourne University Conservatorium. Host: Dr David R. M. Irving
31.08.16 Book launch of "The Vanished Musicians" Luncheon Club of the Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria). East Melbourne Synagogue
28.08.16 Kindertransport and Dunera Deportation: the Melbourne composers George Dreyfus and Felix Werder Lecture-recital at the Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne
23.08.16 Musical Contributions of Foreigners in Germany and Australia: A historical perspective Launch of the book "The Vanished Musicians. Jewish Refugees in Australia" at the Goethe Institute Sydney
22.08.16 A New Start During World War II. Central European refugees appearing at the Sydney Conservatorium "About Music" lecture at the Sydney University Conservatorium
21.08.16 From Berlin to Sydney: Jewish refugee musicians. In memoriam Werner Baer Lecture, panel and music at Emanuel Synagogue Sydney

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